The sun rose on an illustrious business empire 31 years ago, when the journey of Durga Group Of Industries started in the year 1992. Like all distin- guished journeys, this one started with a small beginning by Shree Mohanlal Dholu with the business of Coal mining in the year 1992 as a family business.

In the year 1998, Shree Mohanlal Dholu entered the Kaolin business as a second step forward by setting up the company’s first manufacturing plant of Kaolin, which proved to be a revolutionary business model for the company.

In the year 2005, Due to separation, the family business got dissolved as all the Dholu brothers parted their ways and in the same year Shree Mohanlal Dholu started his own company by the name Durga Clay.

Durga Clay set up its own Kaolin manufacturing plant and acquired its own Kaolin mine in the year 2005.

Mr. Pratik Dholu, the son of Shree Mohanlal Dholu joined Durga Clay after completing his engineering in the year 2010 and formed Durga Group of Indus- tries. Since then, the Group has evolved into one of the leading business conglomerates in the world, with interests in varied domains.

In the year 2016, Mr. Bhavin Dholu joined the group after completing his engineering, and that same year Durga Microns was established.

In the year 2017, Mr. Rahul Dholu joined the group after completing his engineering, and that same year Laxmi Kaolin and Shree Vagheshwari Carbon Pvt. Ltd. were established.

In the year 2018, Durga Group Of Industries entered the Silica Sand manufacturing by establishing Durga Silica Industries.

In the year 2019, Mr. Meet Dholu joined the group after completing his engineering and MBA. That same year Durga Group Of Industries established Durga Oxides and Dholu Earth Industries.

In the year 2020, Durga Group established two new companies namely Rudra Clay Industries and Speciality Kaolin Pvt. Ltd.

In the year 2021, Durga Group established two more new companies namely Digvijay Minerals and Shree Kanaiya Minerals.

In the year 2022, Earth Minetech Industries was established by Durga Group.

The young generation of Dholu family as siblings and first cousins, Mr. Pratik Dholu, Mr. Meet Dholu, Mr. Bhavin Dholu and Mr. Rahul Dholu has engineered the growth of Durga Group of Industries. They have kept pace with the constantly changing world order and are rapidly transforming to keep step with the new-age corporate environment. The Durga Group of Industries has been redefining standards in product innovation and service delivery under the guidance of Dholu family’s young engineers generation.